To share the many benefits Pilates with clients, tailoring instruction to reach individual’s goals through personalized classes focusing on anatomy and principles of the Pilates Method.



Nicki Hunt began practicing Pilates in 2004, while attending the University of San Diego. After graduating with a Business Degree from USD and working in the Action Sports industry for several years, she elected to enroll in the BASI Pilates® Teacher Training Course as a way to combine her Marketing experience and education with her new love for Pilates—the goal became learning to spread the word about Pilates.

After my first class I remember leaving, feeling energized, lengthened, and far more aware of my posture and body. I loved it! But what really hooked me was seeing that Pilates was helping me do all of the things I love (riding bikes, running, playing volleyball, being active and OUTSIDE whenever the sun is shining) by helping to avoid injuries, improving my core strength and balance, and constantly challenging different muscles.

* Certified in 2010, BASI® (Body Arts and Science international)

* Pre & Post Natal Certification, BASI


In short, Pilates is a form of whole body conditioning.
Developed by Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920′s, the Pilates Method helps build flexibility and muscle strength and endurance. An emphasis is put on creating a strong and stable core before working the peripheral parts of the body. With countless exercises and adaptations, Pilates can be adapted to any level, and intensity can be increased over time to continue to challenge the body.

10 Principles Of Pilates:
Body Awareness





Center (Core) 



Precision (Technique)

Harmony between the body and mind

• Increase Overall Strength and Flexibility and Balance

• Improve Posture and Alignment

• Enhance Athletic Performance and Balance

• Relieve Pain and Tension

• Assist in Recovery from Injury


Pilates for Men | Created by a man, for men, Pilates helps to develop core strength, flexibility, balance, uniform development, and efficient movement patterns.

Pilates for Endurance Athletes | A strong and stable core makes you more efficient and less prone to overuse injuries. Pilates also focuses on correcting muscular imbalances and promotes proper alignment and posture.

Pilates for Pre and Post Pregnancy | Pilates offers safe and effective exercise for women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth. Benefits include better body awareness, relief of back pain, increasing pelvic floor control and strength, and assisting with re-connecting with the abdominals postpartum.

Pilates for Golfers | By increasing core strength & flexibility Pilates can help you enhance your golf game. With full body conditioning Pilates can also help to correct muscular imbalances and reduce the chance of injuries.

Pilates for Surfers | Increased muscle coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance will help your overall performance in the water, while also reducing your risk of common injuries related to the high-impact nature of surfing and overuse of certain muscle groups. Pilates will also help to correct muscle imbalances developed through surfing.

Pilates for Injuries | Through adaptive exercises and increased body awareness, Pilates can be a safe way to exercise during recovery. Through proper alignment and correcting muscle imbalances, Pilates can help to reduce the risk of future injuries as well. 

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